The emotional quality of atmospheric energy

I have got into the habit of observing the sky and registering how alive the atmosphere is, or how big the DOR load is. In doing so, I have found that one's state of mind is related to these "atmospheric conditions".

If you do this, you will experience what an emotional difference there is between a fresh, deep blue sky enlivened with powerful cumulus clouds and an atmosphere frozen in a leaden grey death haze from horizon to horizon. This is not projection - it is a living difference. Do you hear the birds singing? Are you elated yourself? Are the leaves hanging on the trees or standing proudly in the sky? One is often inclined to say, "I'm just imagining it. I'm projecting my mood onto nature." That may indeed be so. But consider the reverse case as well. By experiencing the vibrancy of nature or even its deadly threat, you are actually entering into a first conscious energetic symbiosis with your environment.

Let yourself be taken by the mood of nature, by its joy, its movement, its variety of colours and forms, its vital expansion. Or experience its sadness, its pain, its contraction.

You can continue these exercises of seeing nature in its energetic life for weeks, months and years, and you will always experience something new and surprising.

I felt this way when I was in Greece a few years ago: I saw the DOR stiffness and saw the pale, dusty sad olive green that was predominant in the vegetation. But something irritated me, I didn't know what. Suddenly the constant, almost uninterrupted chirping of the cicadas stopped, and I suddenly became aware: I had equated this acoustic source, which seems very lively and vital, with the birdsong from northern latitudes. But now, when the cicadas were silent, I also "heard" the DOR, for there were no living sounds. There was no rustling of moving leaves, no chirping of birds, no splashing of water. The onset of cicada calls sounded like a parody of real life: aggressive, demanding and hostile to life like cacti and hard desert plants that can withstand the dryness of the DOR. There was no lush grass, and where grass did grow, it was almost white, dusty, and it drooped sadly. And at that moment I became aware of the myth that is woven around the southern holiday world, around the supposed "paradise". This paradise has long since become an energetic hell.

Perhaps you experience it differently. I do not want to impose my view on you. Check your own perceptions and clarify your emotional experience. Maybe you love Tunisia or Morocco and experience the desert quite differently.

I would like to recommend an experiment to you so that you can be sure about what DOR is and how it actually arises in the body. However, I would like to ask you to only try this experiment if you are largely healthy and can also tolerate something that is detrimental to your health from time to time. If you have heart problems or other serious health problems, better leave it out.

DOR occurs when natural life energy is overstimulated. Reich produced this by accident in an experiment (ORANUR = ORgon Against NUclear Radiation) when he placed one milligram of radium in an orgone accumulator. The same effect can be achieved by overexciting fresh orgone energy with strong electromagnetic stimuli.
Lesson 3
Feeling Energy:
The physical experience of DOR


If you are feeling really good energetically - e.g. after a camping trip by the sea, a hike or a paddle tour, or after a weekend without e-smog, computers, if you at least feel really well rested, if you feel fresh and healthy inside, you should consciously go to a big department stores' or an electronics market and stand in front of the wall of ten, twenty or thirty running TV sets in the electronics department. Go in the afternoon or evening when the atmosphere in the department stores' is already completely destroyed. You can also go to a copy centre. There the atmosphere is particularly disturbed in the evening.

Stand directly in front of the wall with TV sets or between the copy machines and stay there for about an hour. Consciously experience what is happening in your organism and observe your feelings and emotions.

The more vital you are when you go into this situation, the more violent you will experience the symptoms: Headache, sweating, dizziness, nausea, head pressure. You may get aching limbs, or you may suddenly become tired or really angry. Very likely you will get thirsty, and you are just as likely to get urges to defecate or urinate if you are exposed to this atmosphere for about 30 to 60 minutes.

Maybe after an hour and the tenth sweat, you will naively ask one of the shop assistants, "Tell me, how do you stand it here all day?" and you will probably get a blank look and the counter-question, "What do you mean?"

The organism adapts to its energetically destroyed environment. It functions "on a smaller flame" and the pressure of suffering disappears after a few days when it has adapted. However, I think that the pathogenic effects of this energetic decline are clear: they are our "civilisation diseases" such as cardiovascular diseases, rheumatism and cancer. I cannot prove this. Wilhelm Reich called these diseases "biopathies", the disease of the foundations of the living.

The "emotions" of nature, its expression of feeling, correspond to the aliveness of the atmosphere, and there is a direct, tangible connection between the aliveness of atmospheric energy and the expressions of nature. Your own feelings are a part of this living nature.

Sources of error:

If you do not perceive these symptoms, you may be too exposed to DOR situations yourself. Not perceiving DOR in this concentration is a sign of adaptation to DOR - an alarm signal.

Duration and repetitions of the exercise:

Take one to two hours to do the exercise, and you will probably never do it again.

After such a violent cure you will know exactly what I mean by "emotional quality" of energy. The best thing now is to go for a walk, take a long full bath and be very good to yourself.

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«Gott» ist die Natur, und Christus ist die Verwirklichung des Naturgesetzes.

Gott (Natur) hat die Genitalien bei allen Lebewesen geschaffen. Er hat das getan, damit diese nach natürlichen, göttlichen Gesetzen funktionieren. Deshalb ist es weder Sakrileg noch Blasphemie, dem Verkünder Gottes auf Erden ein natürliches, göttliches Liebesleben zuzuschreiben. Dieses ist im Gegenteil die Verwurzelung Gottes in der reinsten Tiefe des Menschen.

Diese Tiefe existiert im Leben von Anfang an. Die Fortpflan- zungsfunktion kommt erst in der Pubertät zur Genitalität hinzu.

Die göttliche, genitale Liebe ist schon lange vor der Fortpflan- zungsfunktion da; deshalb wurde auch die genitale Umarmung von der Natur bzw. von Gott nicht nur zum Zweck der Fortpflanzung geschaffen.


Wilhelm Reich, aus dem Vorwort des "Christusmord"



Im Hintergrund sehen Sie das Standbild einer grafischen Darstellung von Kreiselwellen. Unter diesem Link finden Sie Kreiselwellen in einer bewegten Trick-Animation. (Für eine bildschirmfüllende Darstellung betätigen Sie bitte die Taste F11). Diese grafische Darstellung kann die Kreiselwellen nur annähernd zeigen. Was Sie tatsächlich am Himmel sehen, kann sich davon erheblich unterscheiden.

Kreiselwellen sind optische Erscheinungen der Orgon-Energie, die immer nur subjektiv wahrnehmbar sind, d.h. man kann sie nicht fotografieren oder filmen - sie existieren nicht als eigenständiges, objektives Phänomen. Deshalb gehören sie für den Verstand nicht zur "Realität" - dennoch können sie von fast allen Menschen wahrgenommen werden. Hier auf finden Sie detallierte Anleitungen (auch als kostenloses mp3-Hörbuch), wie Sie die Lebens-Energie sehen, hören und fühlen können.

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„Haben Sie schon mal über wirkliche Freiheit nachgedacht Willard? Freiheit von den Meinungen Anderer, sogar von den eigenen Meinungen?“


Colonel Walter E. Kurtz im Film Apocalypse Now