Seeing energy: the aura

Lesson 5
Seeing energy:
The aura of the trees


Sit in front of an open window from which you can see the open sky and also leafy trees or conifers and listen to the inner noise. You can open your eyes and look at the spinning waves once the acoustic perception is stable.

You will see, as long as you see the spinning waves, a light aura around the trees and a dark aura a little further away. Then you can also see something like smoke rising above the trees. On days with a very lively atmosphere (deep blue sky with plump, sharply defined cumulus clouds) the trees look as if they are on fire, so much "smoke" rises from them.
Sources of error:

You will notice that this perception always stops abruptly when you "thought of something else". You see a bird, name a tree as "beech" or think of the birthday present for a friend. At this point, our brain's work of forming metaphors for "reality" is sensory, i.e. visually comprehensible. As soon as you start thinking discursively, the aura ceases to exist. The beginning of discursive thinking is always unconscious: you "fall" into thought. It is a largely unconscious state of mind.


First, the fact that you can visually see the aura of trees is a sensation that you probably experience with pleasure. This experience can make you happy because you experience yourself as someone (an ego) "who can see aura". But if you continue with this exercise, you will get problems with this inner instance that thinks in abstract images. The ego quickly gets bored and registers that this kind of cognition can possibly harm it. Therefore, you will probably not "remember" to do these exercises. You will experience this mental function even more clearly with the next exercise.

Lesson 6
Seeing energy:
Energy clouds in the room


Sit one to three metres away in front of a smooth white wall; there should be as few objects as possible in view and as much natural light as possible, preferably lots of sunlight.

Close your eyes and listen to the inner noise. As soon as you have stabilised this perception, you can open your eyes. You look at a point in front of you on the wall and pay attention to everything that is happening in the entire field of vision. You continue to listen to the inner noise.


You will then see spinning waves after a while and - beginning at the edge of the visual field- perceive swathes and flickering. You may be able to identify grey and/or different coloured phenomena in the visual field between the eyes and the wall. You should not begin to interpret, but continue to listen to the inner noise and simply observe what is happening in front of your eyes.


Sit on a plain-coloured floor with as large an open space as possible without furniture or other objects. Then look at the carpeted floor in front of you as you looked at the white wall before, or as you looked at the sky to see spinning waves. You could fix a point on the floor about 2 metres away. But - without moving your eyes - pay attention to everything that happens in the entire field of vision, from the far right to the far left, from the very top to the very bottom. Then, after a few minutes, you will experience the most varied perceptions of light and form. On abstractly patterned (e.g. oriental) carpets, special three-dimensional effects and different coloured luminous appearances in the carpet are created.

Lesson 7
Seeing energy:
The aura of people


You need at least one partner for this exercise. You sit three to four metres in front of a bright monochrome (white) wall that is evenly diffusely lit (natural light if possible) and there should be no "things" hanging on the wall or standing in front of it. The entire field of vision should be cleared of objects of any kind. Your partner stands about one metre in front of the wall. He should not cast a shadow on the wall.

It makes sense to do the previous exercise first and follow this exercise directly.

You close your eyes and listen to the inner noise. As soon as you have stabilised this perception, you can open your eyes. You look at our partner's "third eye", i.e. at the centre of the forehead, slightly above the root of the nose. Now - without changing the focus of your eyes or removing your gaze from the "third eye" - pay attention to everything that can be seen in your partner's immediate surroundings.

You will see similar phenomena as in the previous exercise, but more structured, similar to the "plumes of smoke" you saw above the trees.
Sources of error:

Many who train aura vision talk about colours and different structures. Don't put pressure on yourself to want to see something specific. You want to train yourself to discover energetic phenomena and to understand them in their independent appearance. So you have to get involved with what is there. Any projection of something beyond that will hinder your energetic perception.

Lesson 8
Seeing energy:
Seeing your own energy field


This exercise is amazingly simple and leads very easily to very perceptible results. You need an almost completely darkened room (at night) with a white wall. When you look at the back of your outstretched hand, the hand should be seen black against a dark grey wall. (The phenomenon can also be seen under other lighting conditions, but it is easiest to see under those described above).

Extend your hand, look in the direction of the back of the hand, but adjust the focus to one to two metres. You pay attention to the phenomena around your fingers without changing your line of sight or focus.


After a short time you will see small, moving, black flashes coming out of your fingers. There is a bright field around the hands, which you may at first think is an optical illusion due to the light/dark contrast. As you move your hand, this bright field takes on its own dynamic, and as you move the second hand towards the first, you will see how the bright fields merge into each other and how the small sharp flashes form patterns like magnetic field lines.

The energy fields around the fingers can be seen differently under different lighting conditions and accordingly have different shapes and colours.

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«Gott» ist die Natur, und Christus ist die Verwirklichung des Naturgesetzes.

Gott (Natur) hat die Genitalien bei allen Lebewesen geschaffen. Er hat das getan, damit diese nach natürlichen, göttlichen Gesetzen funktionieren. Deshalb ist es weder Sakrileg noch Blasphemie, dem Verkünder Gottes auf Erden ein natürliches, göttliches Liebesleben zuzuschreiben. Dieses ist im Gegenteil die Verwurzelung Gottes in der reinsten Tiefe des Menschen.

Diese Tiefe existiert im Leben von Anfang an. Die Fortpflan- zungsfunktion kommt erst in der Pubertät zur Genitalität hinzu.

Die göttliche, genitale Liebe ist schon lange vor der Fortpflan- zungsfunktion da; deshalb wurde auch die genitale Umarmung von der Natur bzw. von Gott nicht nur zum Zweck der Fortpflanzung geschaffen.


Wilhelm Reich, aus dem Vorwort des "Christusmord"



Im Hintergrund sehen Sie das Standbild einer grafischen Darstellung von Kreiselwellen. Unter diesem Link finden Sie Kreiselwellen in einer bewegten Trick-Animation. (Für eine bildschirmfüllende Darstellung betätigen Sie bitte die Taste F11). Diese grafische Darstellung kann die Kreiselwellen nur annähernd zeigen. Was Sie tatsächlich am Himmel sehen, kann sich davon erheblich unterscheiden.

Kreiselwellen sind optische Erscheinungen der Orgon-Energie, die immer nur subjektiv wahrnehmbar sind, d.h. man kann sie nicht fotografieren oder filmen - sie existieren nicht als eigenständiges, objektives Phänomen. Deshalb gehören sie für den Verstand nicht zur "Realität" - dennoch können sie von fast allen Menschen wahrgenommen werden. Hier auf finden Sie detallierte Anleitungen (auch als kostenloses mp3-Hörbuch), wie Sie die Lebens-Energie sehen, hören und fühlen können.

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„Haben Sie schon mal über wirkliche Freiheit nachgedacht Willard? Freiheit von den Meinungen Anderer, sogar von den eigenen Meinungen?“


Colonel Walter E. Kurtz im Film Apocalypse Now