Spinning waves

Under this link you will find spinning waves in a moving trick animation. (For a full screen view please press the F11 key).

There are many visible energy phenomena. It is important at the beginning that you get a feeling for how real energy perception can be. What I am going to show you now, the "spinning waves", can be seen by almost everyone. Surprisingly, hardly anyone knows about them. To perceive them, you have to know what you can perceive and want to perceive. This applies to all energetic phenomena.

Spinning waves are optical energy phenomena that almost everyone can see, but they always remain in the subjective realm. I.e. I can describe what I see, but I cannot objectify the visual impression. Therefore, I do not "know" what another person sees and whether it corresponds to my own perception.

In the background of the website you can see an animation that shows in simplified form what spinning waves look like. Anyone can see spinning waves. However, most people need qualified guidance from a person who can already see spinning waves. Wilhelm Reich wrote that people with severe chronic eye blockage cannot see the spinning waves, but in my experience - I have been able to show it successfully to hundreds of people in my seminars - this is true only for a very small percentage of people (less than 5%).

Spinning waves are small, white (sometimes dark and white mixed), fast-moving dots that can be seen in the blue or grey sky.

Spinning waves were first described by Wilhelm Reich, a doctor and researcher who discovered orgone energy and who was the first scientist to describe energetic phenomena that had previously only been recognised in the esoteric field.

Reich had been a collaborator of Freud, and it was his declared aim to prove that the "libido", the physical and psychic drive energy, which Freud had rather metaphorically called "energy", was also physical energy. Reich was a thoroughly materialistic scientist, and even if his discovery of the life energy "orgone" is still not accepted by the prevailing natural science today - for him the "life energy" never had a mystical character. For him it was the material basis of all living things. Therefore, he equated it with "God" (as the basis of all life assumed by humans).

I do not want to discuss here whether we are dealing with a physical or a spiritual force. Perhaps the spinning waves are a form that belongs in both worlds. In this context, it is first of all interesting that an energy phenomenon is real to see and this is due to the fact that you have learned what is to be experienced and that you want to see this experience.

It is also interesting to ask why you have never seen this phenomenon before. And if you have seen it, you have most likely put it aside as an "optical illusion" or "imagination".

The brain is not an organ for gaining knowledge, but is a kind of filter with which thousands of experiences that are constantly potentially flowing into the human being are limited to those that human beings need as living beings in order to survive under the given circumstances. In fact, all memories, all impressions via the nervous system and all mental knowledge are constantly available to everyone. If the brain did not filter this information, people would be flooded with superfluous information and would no longer be able to appreciate what is important. Energetic perception is part of this "superfluous" knowledge, which is initially not needed for survival.

However, you are able to adjust the filter so that you can also receive energetic information and process it in a meaningful way. In doing so, you will discover that you are able to perceive the world around you and in your own mind differently by drawing attention to certain experiences that have previously eluded you, much like looking at the spinning waves in the sky.
Lesson 1
Seeing energy:
Spinning waves


Open a window through which you have an unobstructed view of the sky (blue sky, clouds or even grey sky). (Looking through a window is considerably better than doing this exercise outside, because if you look unprotected into the bright sky, the sunlight is often too bright and you therefore involuntarily squint your eyes. The tense eye muscles then prevent you from perceiving energy).

Now sit about two metres in front of the window and imagine a pane where the window pane would be if the window were closed. Look at the imaginary pane, i.e. initially keep the focus set at about two metres. Then after a few seconds, or perhaps after a few minutes, you will see a large number of tiny, very mobile bright dots whirring around. Once you have identified the spinning waves, you can leave your position, change your focus and play with your newfound perception. You will now be able to achieve this energy perception again and again without much effort.

Sources of error:

Through plastic glasses or plastic contact lenses, the spinning waves are difficult or possibly impossible to see.

You will find that you abruptly interrupt the perception of the spinning waves again and again. Then you have to concentrate again on seeing them. This interruption and re-focusing to reach energy perception is an important aspect of energetic perception that will subsequently occupy you again and again, because it is the inner dialogue that automatically sets in, the discursive thinking, the inner "nonsense head" that separates you from energy perception.


You have now learned something important about the reality of energetic perception: it is completely real, but it exists only within your own world of experience. The spinning waves are not something imagined, projected. They are not a thought that you think in order to then perceive it "in your imagination", such as spirit journeys. Fantasies have no place in energetic perception. You should always remember how real the experience of the spinning waves is and apply this memory to other levels of perception that you subsequently come into contact with. So when you work with other energetic phenomena in the future, you should become as certain of your experience as you are now certain of seeing the spinning waves - even though many of the other energetic experiences need more confidence and certainty the more they are removed from our usual physical perception.
Duration and repetitions of the exercise:

Practice until you have perceived the spinning waves, but no longer than a maximum of 10 minutes per day. If you are not able to see spinning waves after three days, continue with the acoustic exercises and repeat this exercise later.


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«Gott» ist die Natur, und Christus ist die Verwirklichung des Naturgesetzes.

Gott (Natur) hat die Genitalien bei allen Lebewesen geschaffen. Er hat das getan, damit diese nach natürlichen, göttlichen Gesetzen funktionieren. Deshalb ist es weder Sakrileg noch Blasphemie, dem Verkünder Gottes auf Erden ein natürliches, göttliches Liebesleben zuzuschreiben. Dieses ist im Gegenteil die Verwurzelung Gottes in der reinsten Tiefe des Menschen.

Diese Tiefe existiert im Leben von Anfang an. Die Fortpflan- zungsfunktion kommt erst in der Pubertät zur Genitalität hinzu.

Die göttliche, genitale Liebe ist schon lange vor der Fortpflan- zungsfunktion da; deshalb wurde auch die genitale Umarmung von der Natur bzw. von Gott nicht nur zum Zweck der Fortpflanzung geschaffen.


Wilhelm Reich, aus dem Vorwort des "Christusmord"



Im Hintergrund sehen Sie das Standbild einer grafischen Darstellung von Kreiselwellen. Unter diesem Link finden Sie Kreiselwellen in einer bewegten Trick-Animation. (Für eine bildschirmfüllende Darstellung betätigen Sie bitte die Taste F11). Diese grafische Darstellung kann die Kreiselwellen nur annähernd zeigen. Was Sie tatsächlich am Himmel sehen, kann sich davon erheblich unterscheiden.

Kreiselwellen sind optische Erscheinungen der Orgon-Energie, die immer nur subjektiv wahrnehmbar sind, d.h. man kann sie nicht fotografieren oder filmen - sie existieren nicht als eigenständiges, objektives Phänomen. Deshalb gehören sie für den Verstand nicht zur "Realität" - dennoch können sie von fast allen Menschen wahrgenommen werden. Hier auf www.orgon.de finden Sie detallierte Anleitungen (auch als kostenloses mp3-Hörbuch), wie Sie die Lebens-Energie sehen, hören und fühlen können.

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„Haben Sie schon mal über wirkliche Freiheit nachgedacht Willard? Freiheit von den Meinungen Anderer, sogar von den eigenen Meinungen?“


Colonel Walter E. Kurtz im Film Apocalypse Now