The plasmatic flow

The inner streaming is the clear perception of energy movement in the body, which can be described as a fine trickle, as a shower, as a wave movement. It is based on the pleasurable expansion of all the body cells involved, and therefore flowing can also be described as cellular perception.

Even more than seeing and hearing, the perception of inner flow requires freedom from stress and a positive, vital body feeling. Here, body- and breath-therapeutic methods help considerably.

I myself experience the plasmatic flow as a very cool experience, as if snowflakes were falling through my body. The perception is very similar to that of "goose bumps" experienced through emotional overexcitement. And this is also the best place to start.

The plasmatic flow is a feeling of bliss, of love. It is the feeling that fills me in the intimate embrace with a loved one and that I experience when I look out into the cosmos on a starry night and feel connected to the infinite expanse.

Plasmatic flow is the direct perception of living energy in the organism, it is moving, flowing energy. The experience of flow is completely unmistakable, real and sensual. However, this feeling is not experienced through the sensory organs, but is felt as a cellular perception in the whole organism, similar to the sensation of warmth or cold.

The plasmatic flow is the pure experience of cosmic happiness, the physical experience of freedom from fear, the sensually comprehensible experience of being healthy in character, of emotional presence, of peacefulness, of joy. It is the experience of being alive.

Except for the scientific work of Wilhelm Reich, it does not seem to appear in any objective view of nature so far. This is astonishing, because this experience, which dwarfs every other bodily experience in terms of beauty, depth and bliss, is - theoretically - attainable by every human being in every situation in life. But it is clear why streaming has not received any scientific attention up to now: it is buried by the neurotic character structure.

At first, many readers will not be able to understand this feeling, so they will not know what I am writing about. That is why I think it makes a lot of sense if you first do the appropriate exercises and at least try to become practically familiar with the plasmatic flow. I have experienced in my seminars that many people are able to spontaneously admit this sensation.

After all, you are dealing with a completely new organ sensation. Better: the sensation is as old as life itself, and probably amoebas feel it just as much as highly developed animals and humans. What is new is the fact that humans have been able to name and explore streaming since Wilhelm Reich described it in his orgone psychiatric work and thus made it applicable.

The plasmatic flow, once it has been identified with certainty, is in fact always perceptible if there is no acute neurotic blockage. It is the perception of energy movement in the cells. But like inner noise, like spinning waves and like other optical energy perceptions, streaming can only really be experienced when people know this experience and surrender to it. You have to want it with your free will because your consciousness has not learned to use this experience and has sorted it out of perception as an "unimportant stimulus".

Streaming, for example, is often triggered as "goose bumps" when a film scene or piece of music is particularly emotionally moving. It also occurs when you experience external cold and begin to freeze. This seems to be the reason why this "shivering" is identified as an unwanted body reaction. The "normal" reaction to this feeling is therefore shut-off, specifically: people don't want to freeze (they don't want an intense living sensation), so they assume they are cold - and they get "cold" when they stream, even at 30 degrees in the shade. The association with a negative state, triggers spontaneous reluctance and a rationalisation. However, this reluctance is not the result of the "cold", which does not have to be objectively present, but the feeling that people have when they try to protect themselves emotionally from a physical excitement.

Often the flowing also occurs during exhaustion, for example when you come to rest after an unusual physical strain and experience the tiredness intensely. Likewise when you have a sleep deficit and have reached a physical low point. "Fatigue creeps into me". The muscles slacken, you become passive, you do not think intensely either, but sink into an armchair and doze off into semi-sleep. In this state, the plasmatic flow is no longer experienced as coldness, but as physical tiredness.

You can achieve the flow by using breathing techniques (connected breathing) to increase the oxygen content of the blood. However, this should only be done under supervision (preferably of a respiratory therapist), because this technique is not entirely harmless because it can lead to hyperventilation and muscle cramps. You experience the flow triggered by increased oxygen mainly in the extremities, in the hands, arms, feet and legs, and the feeling has something artificial about it, similar to the flow triggered by nicotine. Nevertheless, a very good introduction to the experience can be found here, because it becomes identifiable as perception.

In emotionally "moving" situations, the flow of energy is considerably stimulated. For example, you listen to music that touches you deeply, but instead of humming along or tapping your foot, you sit or lie down and allow the arousal to move as energy in the body, adjusting - this is crucial - the whole body expression. This is a very unfamiliar experience for most people, because arousal leads to activity in almost all situations. Since early childhood, you have "learned" to channel arousal - i.e. increased energy flow - because many traumatic experiences are linked to physical arousal. In this way, they want to avoid the experience of being blocked off from autonomous movement in the body. This shut-off would express itself in fear. So you become active out of anticipated fear, as if automatically, because you believe that the possible fear can be better controlled in active situations. People "whistle in the cellar" before they become afraid.

However, you should not activate the muscles and practise surrender, and you achieve this by combining various breathing techniques and mental techniques with emotional arousal. You create a situation of peacefulness and safety and dose the emotional arousal so low that you experience the flow without triggering a shut-off.

Lesson 9
Feeling energy:
Triggering the plasmatic flow through music

For you to do this exercise effectively, you should use your own set of music that you know you yourself react to strongly emotionally. You will be familiar with the experience that certain pieces of music trigger "goose bumps". The soundtracks of certain film scenes can also be very helpful.

Here is a short list of suggestions:

  •     Sequentia, Hildegard von Bingen, O vis aeterniatis.
  •     Edith Piaf, Je ne regrette rien
  •     Errico Morricone, Once Upon a Time in the West
  •     Loreena McKennitt, Dante's Prayer
  •     Carl Orff, Carmina Burana
  •     Ravel, Bolero
  •     Sinéad O'Connor, This is to mother You
  •     Des'ree, Life


Sit relaxed, close your eyes and listen to the inner noise. When you have stabilised the energetic perception, start the music.

You will notice that when you listen to the music together with the inner noise - without falling into thoughts - you absorb and experience the emotional content all the more intensely. You pay attention to bodily feelings, especially when goose bumps start on the surface of the body and then run through the body in waves.

Do not react! Don't start tapping your foot or humming along or amplifying emotional reactions like crying. Observe how you hear the inner noise and how you hear the music, passively and attentively.

You will sometimes - by no means all the time or with every single piece - get "goose bumps", or experience "bliss" or even "surrender". It is about the feeling you experience, the body experience that fills the mind with peace and joy. The flow thus triggered is artificial in a way, but it is you who feels it, it is a spiritually triggered energetic experience. And this experience is true.
Sources of error:

Do not become impatient if you do not experience the plasmatic flow immediately. Repeat the exercise on another day when you feel fresh, rested and inwardly serene. The Angel Energy Accumulator greatly supports the experience of flowing.

Duration and repetitions of the exercise:

You cannot use this experience of triggering plasmatic flow via music very often. The sensation wears off. The point of this exercise is to discover the plasmatic flow. You can cultivate the experience by beginning to discover this feeling of flow even without external stimulus. In fact, it is always there, just like the inner rush and the spinning waves. However, it can only be experienced when we consciously choose to perceive it or when it is triggered by a strong external stimulus.

If you know the feeling well, you will also succeed in triggering it simply by thinking about it. You close your eyes, listen within, listen to the rush of energy and think "flowing" or even "I feel the cosmic source".
Lesson 10
Feeling Energy:
Triggering plasmatic flow through coldness

For most people, the experience of plasmatic flow is associated with a feeling of coldness that triggers "goose bumps" and can become so strong that - even in warm temperatures - you feel an icy cold sensation inside and also cool down strongly objectively.

Depending on the weather and season, find a cool place (e.g. at night or at an open window in winter), undress as much as possible and lay out a warming blanket.

First, adopt a sitting posture in which you can sit upright and relaxed.


Now close your eyes and listen inside.

As soon as you hear the noise, you feel the cold and goose bumps on the surface of your body. Go into this feeling of cold and try to identify a flowing inside the body, as if the cold were falling through the body as snowflakes. Put a blanket around you or close the window and keep the feeling of flowing.
Sources of error:

For almost all people, cold is usually associated negatively, i.e. as soon as they feel shivery, they try to take countermeasures. It is very unusual for some people to consciously provoke or allow such a feeling. You may find in this exercise that the evaluation of a feeling is an ego function; evaluation is the direct result of discursive thought and socially handed-down "opinions".

Once you have identified the feeling of plasmatic flow, you may find that this "chill" always occurs spontaneously when it is freed from its negative evaluation.
Lesson 11
Feeling Energy:
Triggering plasmatic flow through breathing


You should not do these exercises alone, but with a partner to watch over you and guide you, at least in the initial stages when you are exploring this method. There should be no cramps. The partner watches your hands, which stay flat. As soon as they cramp, he stops the exercise. First lie on your back, on a blanket or therapy mat on the floor.

You feel - while being careful to listen to the inner murmur at the same time - bit by bit the contact of the body with the floor and your body heaviness.

Then breathe in deeply through the nose, fill the abdomen and the chest, and as soon as we have reached a pleasant fullness, breathe out again fully without a pause, passively let the air escape through the mouth and immediately breathe in again through the nose. The important thing about this exercise is that you do not pause after inhaling and after exhaling, hence this breathing technique is also called "connected breathing". You breathe in a continuous circle.

In and out - in and out ......... approx. 10 x

Stop connected breathing immediately as soon as tingling and flowing sensations start, especially in the hands and feet. When you clearly feel the tingling, you can normalise the breathing rhythm and return to a breath that corresponds to the natural need. The flowing will eventually intensify if you withdraw your breathing and hold your breath for a few seconds.

Continue to breathe in your own rhythm as long as you feel the flow in the body, and as soon as it becomes weaker, take two or three deep breaths in the connected breath and then return to your own breathing rhythm. It is very nice to play the music (from exercise 9) afterwards.

Lesson 12
Feeling energy:
"Energy!" - Triggering plasmatic flow through thoughts

The plasmatic flow is always present as a basic energetic experience, but you have blocked it out of your consciousness - like other energetic perceptions. Once you have understood what the feeling is, you can trigger the plasmatic flow with a single thought.

The plasmatic flow usually begins as a cool downward movement in the body. If it becomes more intense, it gradually rises and extends to the area around the body. It feels exactly like what "beaming" looks like in the television series "Starship Trek". You can use this image - if you can associate it positively - to trigger the plasmatic flow. Sitting in an angel energy accumulator is very helpful for this exercise.

Sit relaxed, close your eyes and listen to the inner noise. When you have stabilised the energetic perception, think:

I flow

and feel into your body. As soon as you have made contact with the plasmatic streaming, think

Energy !

and feel that the energetic movement is directed upwards and expands glittering and full of lively movement beyond your body boundaries.





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