Orgonomic irradiation

Since the orgone energy transformer is a small, very strong orgone accumulator, in the classical orgonomic design, you can also treat smaller wounds and injuries very well with it. Hold the open end of the tube at a distance of about one to two cm from the body region to be treated.

This way you can treat small injuries, cuts, abrasions and burns. With the normal transformer tube, you can treat wounds up to about 5 cm in diameter. For larger area treatments, there is a transformer cover with a specially designed metal funnel.

The orgone energy transformer can be used for postoperative healing treatment with very good chances of success. Use the orgone energy transformer complementary (in addition) to the treatment suggested by your doctor, but not if antibiotics or cortisones are used. After X-ray examinations, 36-48 hours should pass before you use the orgone energy transformer.

Experience for yourself on minor injuries how a wound treatment proceeds under orgone application. Wilhelm Reich and some doctors practising with orgone speak of considerably accelerated wound healing, which was largely painless and, for example, even with the most severe burns without permanent scars and skin changes.

A special type of orgone treatment, for which the orgone energy transformer is particularly well suited due to its design, is orgone acupuncture. The irradiation of certain meridian points can be just as effective as the application of other methods used in acupuncture. Of course, it requires a certain knowledge to be able to judge which meridian points are weakened and can be strengthened by a treatment with concentrated orgone energy. You can learn a lot about the treatment of the meridian system in books on self-treatment and carefully experiment with this knowledge.


Information transfer

Orgone accumulators concentrate atmospheric energy and enable a quantitative charge of the organism. The organism's relatively strong energy field absorbs orgone from the accumulator's weaker energy field. The organism self-regulates and draws from the accumulator the amount of energy it needs to cope with illness and other stressful influences. In this respect, the orgone accumulator does not so much treat the specific cause of illnesses, but rather the immune defence, i.e. the self-healing powers of the individual, by strengthening the energy field.

On the other hand, the methods of information medicine such as homeopathy, radionics, flower essences etc. are based on the qualitative influence of energy, i.e. the structure or frequency of the energy is changed. The information of homeopathic medicines, for example, is in fact no longer materially detectable, and they even become more effective in some cases when they are potentised to a higher level. In radionics, pure information is transmitted in the form of texts or number combinations. Substances such as oil, lactose globules, water or alcohol serve as the sole carrier medium.

It is obvious to use concentrated orgone energy for the transmission of information. The information carriers can be placed in the orgone energy transformer, whose charge is conducted to the organism via a metal tube. The absorption of the information into the energy field of each cell of the organism thus occurs in a direct way, without diversions via metabolic organs such as digestion or respiration. Furthermore, the information can also be transferred to another carrier and then ingested.

If information substances such as flower essences are placed in the orgone energy transformer, its energy field immediately receives the pattern of this information and in a considerably amplified form. It therefore functions as an information amplifier and as a transmission system.

Copying informational preparations

The transmission of subtle information has become an integral part of naturopathy, i.e. not the substances themselves, but only their frequencies are applied to the organism or to carrier substances. Homeopathy is the best-known method of information medicine. In addition, flower essences and radionic information are also transmitted. Bioresonance therapy (e.g. Mora) also works on this level.

Every informational frequency can be transmitted, the transmission process only depends on how "light" this information is. The easiest and therefore quickest to transmit (approx. 5 to 10 minutes) is information that comes from the spiritual level such as flower essences. The coarsest is chemical information and this needs the longest transmission time (one hour and more).

Try this method of making your own preparations. For example, you can save the originals of the flower essences in this way (or borrow them) and copy any quantity you like. The copies are often stronger and purer than the originals. And this method is much cheaper.

The source material, i.e. the original to be copied, can be any subtle information carrier that already exists materially, such as homeopathic medicines, flower essences and preparations from bioresonance and radionic processes, but also chemical preparations and substances such as oxygen, metals, precious stones.

If chemical substances are transferred, e.g. vitamins, it is not the chemical substance itself that can be transferred, but only the subtle information, which however is complete. For an application of a substance it would have to be clarified in each individual case whether it is needed as a chemical substance (e.g. as a catalyst for a certain chemical process) or whether the information of this substance alone is sufficient to cause a reaction of the organism. For example, the treatment of water with the information of oxygen has shown similarly good effects as a direct introduction of oxygen.

The transfer process

Place the original you want to copy in the chamber of the device (e.g. a vial of flower essences). Close the lid. Insert the tube into the hole and place the carrier of the copy (e.g. a vial of water-wine spirit mixture or a can of fat cream) directly in front of the tube opening. You can use water, alcohol, lactose globules and any other material as a carrier. However, the best way to store orgone energy and its information is fat and oil in any form.

 If you want to make a combination preparation from different originals, place the originals one after the other in the chamber. Otherwise the information of the originals could get mixed.

The transfer time depends on many factors, including the fineness and concentration of the information source and the amount and nature of the material you are copying to. To determine the correct time, you should work with a one-handed rod or pendulum or another subjective measuring method such as kinesiology.

The copying of subtle information is always a spiritual process, i.e. spiritual levels are addressed that lie outside our material perception. Therefore, protection of this transmission is always advisable. The best place for an information transmission with the orgone energy transformer (and also with any other system) is therefore the interior of an angel energy accumulator, into which no negative frequencies can penetrate.

Radionic transmission

Radionics is one of the most widespread informational healing methods, especially in Anglo-Saxon countries. Here, test samples (e.g. hair, a saliva sample or a photo) of a sick person are examined even at a great distance and treated in the same way at a distance. With various radionic computer systems, all conceivable information preparations are produced, simply by entering certain number combinations or texts and transferring them as oscillation patterns to the patient or an information carrier.

The radionic measuring procedures can be carried out with the orgone energy transformer by placing a sample (hair, photo etc.) in the chamber, pointing the end of the tube at yourself and using a one-handed rod or pendulum to find out the disturbance and the appropriate antidote.

You can produce the required information (e.g. "emergency drops") by writing this on a piece of paper and placing it in the chamber. Then close the chamber and make a preparation or place the sample, i.e. the hair or a photo of the person to be treated, in front of the open end of the tube.



Vitalisation of food

Many foods have been denatured to such an extent by the use of chemicals in agriculture, by cultivation in artificial light and by the ever increasing industrialisation of food production that it is difficult to call them "food". Nutritionists recommend preparing and eating fresh food that is as natural as possible, not industrially prepared, and point out the advantages of organically grown food.

But the reality is that most people buy and eat supermarket convenience food for reasons of time and money. And even organic food is not so seldom severely impaired in its vitality due to storage (e.g. in rooms polluted by electrosmog, e.g. fluorescent tubes and energy "saving" lamps) and the often long transport.

Food can be revitalised with the orgone energy transformer. Place smaller quantities directly into the chamber of the device. You can place the other foods in front of the open end of the tube. Fatty and watery foods absorb the orgone energy most quickly. Dry and low-fat foods should therefore be irradiated for longer.

In order to enrich the information of vital substances, trace elements, vitamins etc. in food, you can make a vital substance preparation (or several) (5-10 grams of oil in a small vial), to which you transfer the vital substances of a healthy apple, a potato, a banana of grain, valuable oil etc. one after the other. Then you can use this vial to irradiate all your denatured or damaged foods.

Allergy sufferers can try (carefully and in very small doses at first) whether they can tolerate foods treated in this way.

Likewise, you should try out for yourself how the taste quality of certain high quality foods can be influenced by orgone treatment. Wine connoisseurs have spoken very positively about the improvement of taste in wine through energetic information.



Agricultural application

With the application of informed preparations in agriculture, sometimes quite astonishing results are achieved, so that the chemical-free, biological fertilisation of soils, the treatment of liquid manure and animal breeding have reached a new dimension. Experience shows that these methods are only 60% to 80% successful.

With the orgone energy transformer you have a system to make (copy) the necessary often expensive preparations yourself or to develop your own specially designed preparations to meet the needs of your situation.

The simplest possibility is to enrich quartz flour or volcanic ash with pure orgone energy via the orgone energy transformer. You can inform the mineral flour with a commercial product (copy function). In doing so, the energetic information of the initial product should even improve. This rock flour can then be added to the soil, mixed into the liquid manure or fed with the animal feed. This gives you a considerable price saving if you are already working with informed products, because rock meal is very cheap in bulk.

In addition to using informed products already on the market, there is a method of soil enhancement that requires a detailed conventional soil analysis. When making a preparation for this soil, certain steps should be followed:

 Missing substances (minerals etc.) are successively irradiated onto a carrier substance (optimally: vegetable oil). Since chemical information is involved, at least two hours of irradiation should be carried out in each case.
    The information from the carrier substance is irradiated onto a sample of complete soil, i.e. good topsoil with optimally balanced ingredients. (10 to 30 minutes).
    The information from the topsoil is transferred to the medium (e.g. quartz powder), which is placed in the soil. (1 kg per copying process 10 to 30 minutes).

When fighting against pests with the orgone energy transformer, care must be taken that no information is transferred that destructively interferes with living cycles. Orgone energy is available to aphids, for example, just as it is to us and to the rose bush. Therefore, the vitality of the infested plants should always be strengthened and not that of the pests weakened (this does not work).



Water energisation

Water can be energised like any other material. Water absorbs orgone energy very strongly and only releases it again when it evaporates. Our domestic water, transported through treatment plants and long pipe systems, is energetically anything but vital. Compared to the water of a natural mountain stream, it is quite spoiled (apart from chemical residues of any kind).

Energetic water treatment is therefore an ongoing issue alongside chemical-mechanical filtration. Although filtered water is usually healthier in terms of the ingredients, it is often so weakened by the additional filtering process that one can often detect a bland, unvital taste.

With the orgone energy transformer you can prepare drinking water for the family. For a 1 litre bottle you need 10 to 25 minutes, for a 5 litre canister about 1 to 3 hours. (Use a rod or pendulum to determine).

Place the closed bottle in front of the open end of the metal hose. You can also hang (clamp!) the metal hose in the bottle so that it does not come into direct contact with the water, but ends one or two cm above the water. (The hose is not rustproof).

The water energised in this way is of very high quality as drinking water, although you can never artificially achieve the quality of a natural body of water. However, this water is almost certainly more energetically vital and unpolluted than mineral and spring water that has been transported sometimes hundreds of kilometres (e.g. from central France) and that has caused petrol consumption, road noise and toxic pollution and that may have been stored in halls with electrosmog pollution. Water strongly absorbs energetic burdens of this kind. Therefore, treating tap water at home, as long as the water is chemically and bacteriologically acceptable, is the method that makes the most ecological sense.

If you want sparkling water, you can enrich it with carbonic acid using a small carbonic acid gas system.

A specially developed orgone energy transformer is offered for energising the house and drinking water:

The Orgnon-Energy-Transformer for water regeneration.

Water can be energised like any other material. Water absorbs orgone energy very strongly and only releases it again during evaporation or in the organismic metabolism. The ability of water to attract and bind energy was researched and described by Wilhelm Reich. Based on this research, he developed the so-called "Cloudbuster" (cloud breaker), a device for energetically influencing the weather.

Our domestic water, transported through treatment plants and long pipe systems, is energetically anything but vital. Compared to the water of a natural mountain stream, it is quite spoiled (apart from chemical residues of any kind).

Energetic water treatment is therefore an ongoing issue alongside chemical-mechanical filtration. Although filtered water is usually healthier in terms of its ingredients, it is so weakened by the additional filtering process that one can often detect a bland, unvital taste.

There are already some energetic water treatment systems. Magnetic systems have the disadvantage of exerting a constant mechanical stimulus on the living system of water. Magnetism can therefore energise the water on the one hand, but on the other hand it can also lead to violent counter-reactions, i.e. energetic overload. Magnetism, like gravitation, is a secondary energy that arises from matter-attraction. We therefore use the original massless orgone energy with which water also charges itself in nature by forming whirlpools in natural stream and river beds in which high energy charges are transferred from the atmosphere to the water. Research on this was presented by Viktor Schauberger.

Energising with the Orgnon Energy Transformer for water regeneration is done in the simplest way imaginable. The metal hose that comes out of the lid is connected to the inner metal chamber. Via this hose, the flowing water can attract and absorb the required amount of orgone.

The assembly is very simple. Wrap the metal hose around the water pipe - preferably immediately after the water meter - in a clockwise direction. Then fix the metal hose with some tape, or better: wrap the whole pipe and the metal hose with tape.

You can further increase the effect if you first wrap the water pipe with some steel wool, then wrap the metal hose around the pipe over the steel wool and then steel wool over it again. (In this way you increase the area between the water and the metal tube and thus the energetic exchange). Wrap everything together with plastic tape or, if you don't like the influence of plastic, with wide paper masking tape (you can get fine steel wool and plastic tape or masking tape at a hardware shop).

In this way you can energise the water of about a one to three family house. Larger devices can be made on request.

Another possible use of the Orgnon energy transformer for water regeneration is to energise only your drinking water. For this purpose, take a vessel of about 1 to 5 litres capacity made of iron or stainless steel, e.g. a pot or a high jug. Wrap this vessel with the metal hose of the Orgnon energy transformer for water regeneration as described above. The effect is similar to the one we described before for the orgone radiator, only it happens much faster. You only need 5 to 10 minutes of irradiation time for about 5 litres of water (for safety use pendulum or one-handed rod for timing).


Treatment of animals and plants

Humans, animals and plants are living beings which differ from other things by an active energy field, i.e. the orgone potential of living beings is considerably greater than that of the inanimate environment. Living energy fields constantly absorb energy from the environment (food, atmosphere) and give it off as work (metabolism, movement, thinking, heat etc.).

Treating living beings with orgone energy strengthens their energy field, their orgonomic potential and thus their self-healing powers and immune defence. This effect is particularly impressive with plants and animals, because here the so-called placebo effect (healing from pure conviction that a method helps) does not exist or is only limited to the practitioner. (Even if only the belief in healing with this method were transferred from the practitioner to the treated, it would be a valuable thing).

Many veterinarians and animal healers work very successfully with homeopathic and other informational methods. The orgone energy transformer is another very simple, cheap and effective method here, because unfortunately the informational preparations are often as expensive as the chemical ones.

Many animals react with clearly visible devotion when we treat them with the orgone energy transformer. Some injured animals lie down completely self-regulated in front of the orgone energy transformer to treat themselves.

Treating plants with orgone energy can be done by using treated rock flour or directly. A very effective method is the treatment of seeds and seedlings, which can be placed directly into the chamber of the orgone energy transformer. The treatment must not be too long (between 2 and 24 hours). Seeds and seedlings that have been treated for too long can possibly shoot up very quickly, only to fail to achieve the necessary growth stability, i.e. these plants are then not resistant enough to mechanical influences such as storms.


Cleaning and energising objects

Since all things consist of matter and orgone energy, information can also be stored everywhere. Without propagating a magical-mystical attitude here, we would like to point out that certain objects have always been regarded as special information carriers in the history of mankind, especially jewellery, precious metals and stones, amulets, jewellery - but also sacred objects of all religions.

Especially precious and semi-precious stones were and are regarded and used as carriers of healing information. The stones are said to have a "soul", an energetic existence of their own. Processed stones lose their soul through cutting, grinding and polishing. This is where energetic revitalisation is particularly useful.

Stones should be placed in running water (sink overflow) for one to two hours before treatment with the orgone energy transformer. Then they are dried and placed in the chamber of the orgone energy transformer. Only if the stones are too big, they should be treated through the tube (longer irradiation). Measure the length of the treatment, which can vary greatly, with the pendulum or the one-handed rod.

Other objects such as wooden boards, glass coasters etc. can be energised to place wine, beer or food on them and improve their taste. You can energise clothes and all materials you use for healing purposes (e.g. bandages, cloths for calf compresses against fever or throat cloths to support the treatment of a sore throat).

Whether you inform things of daily use is up to your personal taste. You may remain critical of energising. Consider whether it makes more sense, for example, to energise cigarettes or to give up smoking. Decide whether it is necessary to energise the engine of your car to save petrol or whether you might switch to cycling for short journeys. Behaviour that is harmful to health and the environment is not legitimised by energisation.

The treatment of the aura

Various traditional and modern treatment systems work with a person's energy system by affecting the aura. Place the orgone energy transformer inside the system you are working in. Point the open metal tube at the particular energy zone or chakra you are working with and allow the energy to take effect.

We recommend treating the energy body from top to bottom in seven segments:

1: forehead-eyes,

2: mouth-chin,

3: neck-neck,

4: upper chest,

5: diaphragm-lower chest,

6: stomach-belly,

7: pelvis.

Only one treatment per day is recommended, starting with the upper 1st segment (forehead-eyes). Place the energy transformer so that you can sit comfortably and that the open end of the tube is about 20 to 30 cm from the body at the height of the respective segment. Treat yourself for about 15 to 30 minutes per session and only move on to the next segment at the next session when you notice a noticeable relieving effect in the broadest sense. The treatment therefore lasts at least seven days.

Those who are familiar with energetic aura treatment methods, e.g. Reiki or Kineseology, should include the orgone energy transformer in their treatment. For example, you can charge the client's entire aura with the Stahler or treat the feet or solar plexus.

In energetic massage, the orgone energy transformer can have a very beneficial effect as an accompanying energetic support.

Energisation of the living environment

Fresh orgone energy in the living environment can have very beneficial effects. For example, it is possible to enrich quartz flour with orgone energy and mix it into the wall paint in a ratio of 1 : 100.

Another very good method is to treat large plants in the room with the orgone stahler. The energy field of the plants absorbs the orgone energy and spreads it around the room. Change the plants daily so that you do not overstress individual plants energetically.

Another method is to energise a room with fountains whose water you treat with the orgone energy transformer. The flowing water absorbs energetic disturbing vibrations and is always upgraded by the fresh energy of the orgone energy transformer.

Make your own experiments

These suggestions should only give you some hints on how you can use the orgone energy transformer for your own well-being and for the blessing of other beings. Be creative and find your own applications. Read in the recommended literature we give you and explore the wide world of energetic treatment methods.






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«Gott» ist die Natur, und Christus ist die Verwirklichung des Naturgesetzes.

Gott (Natur) hat die Genitalien bei allen Lebewesen geschaffen. Er hat das getan, damit diese nach natürlichen, göttlichen Gesetzen funktionieren. Deshalb ist es weder Sakrileg noch Blasphemie, dem Verkünder Gottes auf Erden ein natürliches, göttliches Liebesleben zuzuschreiben. Dieses ist im Gegenteil die Verwurzelung Gottes in der reinsten Tiefe des Menschen.

Diese Tiefe existiert im Leben von Anfang an. Die Fortpflan- zungsfunktion kommt erst in der Pubertät zur Genitalität hinzu.

Die göttliche, genitale Liebe ist schon lange vor der Fortpflan- zungsfunktion da; deshalb wurde auch die genitale Umarmung von der Natur bzw. von Gott nicht nur zum Zweck der Fortpflanzung geschaffen.


Wilhelm Reich, aus dem Vorwort des "Christusmord"



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