The standard orgone accumulator

The standard orgone accumulator (standard ORAC) is the basic model that we have been producing since 1977 and which we have continued to optimize within the specifications of Dr. Wilhelm Reich.


The internal dimensions of each device are calculated individually. It is important to note that the closer the metal plates are to the body, the more effectively the ORAC works. Therefore, the ORAC should be as small as possible, keeping in mind, of course, that it must also be comfortable for taller people.


It is built so precisely and beautifully that it can be integrated into the living furniture and practice furnishings.

  • Internal dimensions: approx. 120-140 cm high, 65-75 cm deep, 55-65 cm wide, adapted to the body stature of the tallest user.
  • Thickness of the walls: approx. 28 mm to 210 mm (depending on the number of double layers. A 100 layer ORAC will have appr. 30cm thick walls.),
  • with furniture joints can be quickly assembled or disassembled
  • Seat board at approx. 28-45 cm seat height (is pushed between two guide rails on each of  the side walls)
  • Exterior made of fabric-covered insulating panels (natural nettle, other fabrics can be used to order).
  • Inner material: steel wool and polyester wadding (this wadding, which we have manufactured for ORAC production, is considerably more effective than the previously used materials such as glass wool, mineral wool, wool, etc.).



All orgone accumulators are manufactured individually exclusively by customer order. The manufacturing time depends on the order situation. In general, about two to four weeks can be expected.



Orgone accumulators, orgone blankets, DOR busters etc. were developed and used by Dr. Wilhelm Reich as medically usable devices. Even today there are doctors, alternative practitioners and psychotherapists who work with them and for them and for their patients we have produced many devices since 1977.


Nevertheless, it must be said at this point that all orgonomic products are offered by us as physical experimental devices. We explicitly do not offer medical treatments and medical advice. Orgonomy has not established itself as a medical discipline and is still considered an unproven alternative healing method.


Therefore, anyone who is considering using orgone devices for themselves on a trial basis should familiarize themselves with their possibilities in the relevant literature.

On the one hand, there are Wilhelm Reich's books, some of which are still available in stores, but also in public libraries. In recent years, moreover, books have appeared that deal in detail with the medical application of orgonomy:

  • Jorgos Kavouras, MD: Healing with Organ Energy, ISBN 3-7999-0271-6
  • Jürgen Fischer: Orgone - the energy of life, ISBN 978-3752860252



Standard-Orgon-Akkumulator (ORAC)

Standard orgone accumulator (ORAC)

with at least 3 double layers of metal and insulator (the first double layer is the inner iron sheet and the outer insulation board. Thus, a three-layer ORAC contains two alternating double layers of steel wool and polyester fleece inside each wall).


The orgone accumulators are offered from very weak devices of 3 double layers up to very strong devices with 100 double layers. The recommended average would be e.g. a device with 7 or 10 double layers.


Of course, we can produce ORACs with any desired number of double layers upon request.


Please note: Please select below in the further selection menus the information about your body dimensions and the further equipment of the ORAC. Each ORAC is a customized production. Therefore, we need each of the details to be able to manufacture your ORAC correctly.


Step 1: Number of double layers


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Step 2: Body size

Please indicate how large the largest user of the ORAC is. Be exact with this, because too big orgone accumulators are less effective, too small ones are uncomfortable.

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Step 3: Body stature
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Step 4: Leg length

The point is to determine the length of the thigh. Sit against a wall on an approx. 30 cm high bench or cardboard box, etc. Slide your pelvis all the way up against the wall and pull your feet towards you until the tops of your feet and knees are exactly perpendicular to each other. Now measure the distance from the front edge of the knees to the back wall.

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Step 5: Shields or orgone blanket/pillow

To guide the load as close as possible to the front body (the distance to the door is too far for overlapping especially in the sensitive chest/belly/pelvis area) Wilhelm Reich had installed chest and pelvis shields. These shields are placed on specially mounted strips in the Orac.


However, we have since found that a small orgone blanket of about 65x90 cm in front of the chest-pelvis area and an orgone pillow about 60x50 cm in the back are much more effective and, above all, comfortable. (The orgone pillow in the back makes it possible to lean in the ORAC, which should be avoided without a pillow. For this purpose the pillow can be hung up in the ORAC by ribbons).

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Step 6: Quartz Wax Coating

The quartz-wax coating is applied to the inside of the double layer site onto the metal plate. This coating is about as effective as approx. 5 double layers of steel wool/polyester fleece.

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Step 7: Seat

A seat board is included in the ORAC as standard. It is installed according to the body size. Since the seat is inserted between two slats, the support is always also included approx. 4 cm higher by placing the seat board on the upper slat. So, for example, if the seat height is 30 cm, the seat board can also be used at 34 cm height.


If people of very different heights use the ORAC, it is worthwhile to have a height-adjustable seat board(approx. 28, 33.5, 39 and 44.5 cm), as smaller people can then sit more comfortably. Other heights can also be selected on request.


The shooter seat functions as a local irradiation box in the ORAC. It is a seat that is closed to the front and is coated with metal on the inside. The charge is targeted to specific parts of the body with an insulated metal hose and via a metal funnel.

The shooter seat only works inside the ORAC.

As an alternative to the shooter seat, a mobile shooter can also be placed under the seat board.


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Step 8: Fabric cover

The standard ORAC is covered with natural colored cotton nettle. Alternatively, you can also get your own fabrics and let us process them. However, since we cannot test the processability of your fabrics beforehand, we cannot accept any liability for this. (e.g. stretch fabrics do not work, because they are screwed through the fabric). The required measurement for fabric from 80 cm width is 8.5 m, for fabric from 140 cm width we need 4.5 m. Weigt of the fabic: about 120-130g/sm

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Step 9: Door hinges

Please determine on which side should be the door hinges and the stop of the door. If you are in front of it, the hinges can be placed on the right or left. (Changing sides is possible later, just leaves the corresponding screw holes).

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Step 10: Transport / Shipping

Instructions for shipping or transporting orgone accumulators

It is recommended to pick up the ORAC in your own car. Bring 3 to 4 packing blankets to wrap it shockproof.

The standard ORAC and the angel energy ORAC fit in any car with a foldable back seat. (6 individual parts, the largest approx. 140 x 75 x 10 cm).

The parts of the orac bed are offered with divided elements, so that it can be transported in a car. If not with diveded elements the parts about 170 to 210 cm long and 60 cm wide. So a car is needed that fits to the long elements.

The folding ORAC can be transported in most car trunks.

The ORAC can be delivered to you by freight forwarding.

We can bring you the ORAC and set it up at your home. The distance calculation is done by Google maps (via highways) from 87739 Breitenbrunn.
Deliveries to Switzerland, Norway and other countries outside the EU are possible, but must be arranged on a case-by-case basis, as shipping costs, customs formalities, etc. require very different conditions. Please contact us for this purpose.
Also deliveries to other EU-countries may become quite expensive. Because of The European Packaging Directive  we have to order and pay expensive fees for every single country.
The easiest and cheapest way to bring an orgone accumulator to Switzerland is the transport to the Swiss border (Höchst/St.Margarethen) by us. There, the handover takes place. You have the export certified at the EU border post, hand over this certificate to us and we will refund the VAT.
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«Gott» ist die Natur, und Christus ist die Verwirklichung des Naturgesetzes.

Gott (Natur) hat die Genitalien bei allen Lebewesen geschaffen. Er hat das getan, damit diese nach natürlichen, göttlichen Gesetzen funktionieren. Deshalb ist es weder Sakrileg noch Blasphemie, dem Verkünder Gottes auf Erden ein natürliches, göttliches Liebesleben zuzuschreiben. Dieses ist im Gegenteil die Verwurzelung Gottes in der reinsten Tiefe des Menschen.

Diese Tiefe existiert im Leben von Anfang an. Die Fortpflan- zungsfunktion kommt erst in der Pubertät zur Genitalität hinzu.

Die göttliche, genitale Liebe ist schon lange vor der Fortpflan- zungsfunktion da; deshalb wurde auch die genitale Umarmung von der Natur bzw. von Gott nicht nur zum Zweck der Fortpflanzung geschaffen.


Wilhelm Reich, aus dem Vorwort des "Christusmord"



Im Hintergrund sehen Sie das Standbild einer grafischen Darstellung von Kreiselwellen. Unter diesem Link finden Sie Kreiselwellen in einer bewegten Trick-Animation. (Für eine bildschirmfüllende Darstellung betätigen Sie bitte die Taste F11). Diese grafische Darstellung kann die Kreiselwellen nur annähernd zeigen. Was Sie tatsächlich am Himmel sehen, kann sich davon erheblich unterscheiden.

Kreiselwellen sind optische Erscheinungen der Orgon-Energie, die immer nur subjektiv wahrnehmbar sind, d.h. man kann sie nicht fotografieren oder filmen - sie existieren nicht als eigenständiges, objektives Phänomen. Deshalb gehören sie für den Verstand nicht zur "Realität" - dennoch können sie von fast allen Menschen wahrgenommen werden. Hier auf finden Sie detallierte Anleitungen (auch als kostenloses mp3-Hörbuch), wie Sie die Lebens-Energie sehen, hören und fühlen können.

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„Haben Sie schon mal über wirkliche Freiheit nachgedacht Willard? Freiheit von den Meinungen Anderer, sogar von den eigenen Meinungen?“


Colonel Walter E. Kurtz im Film Apocalypse Now