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The Rose-Quartz-Accumulator
- a small cathedral at your home


The Rose-Quartz-Accumulator is an orgone accumulator, that becomes a rose quartz energy field with eight large rose quartz, that are placed inside it's upper and lower panels.

Each orgone accumulator is a living energy field. As we take seat in it, we merge our human energy field - the aura - with the energy field of the accumulator. The result is a new much larger and stronger energy field that can attract an unlimited amount of energy from the atmosphere for the period of the overlay. That way we "refuel" our energy in the ORAC .

The rose-quartz-accumulator creates it's energy field only in the frequence of rose quartz. As a result, only certain, very pure energy levels will be strengthened. While the orgone accumulator, enhances nonspecifically the whole energy spectrum - and thus also lower or less salutary levels in the spiritual sense - in the rose-quartz-accumulator only those frequences are adressed that correspond to the vibration of this gem: the rose quartz represents love. It is able to create a connection between the human and the divine quality of love.

The rose-quartz-accumulator can isolate us from the world in the best sense. It provides a place of rest and self-encounter, in which we find ourselves and the divine love. It creates a vibration in which we may experience the sanctity of the divine love. A holy place. It is like a small cathedral, in which we may withdraw at any time. A place of prayer, meditation, self-reflection - of encounter with God, with Angels, Buddhas, and with Devas - with high and pure vibration.

The rose-quartz-accumulator had been given to us by media transmissions by the Wilhelm Reich from beyond. Reich called the device "angel-energy-accumulator". The distance to the content of the media transmissions we documented, by calling the device now, "rose-quartz-accumulator".

Angels are only of the possible of enlightened levels with which we can get in contact in the rose quartz energy field of the accumulator. But to limit the rose-quartz-accumulator on this one level does not meet its potentials.

The rose-quartz-accumulator is a modified orgone accumulator. The main difference consists in the placement of eight large rose quartz crystals in the upper and lower element. In addition, polyester fleece or fat raw wool used, i.e. by the high lanolin of the wool the load capacity of the device increases significantly.

The dimensions are suitable for people of normal weight to about 187 cm (74"). It is designed so precisely and elegantly that it can be integrated in the residential furniture and the practice facility.

  • Interior dimensions: approx 128 cm high, 70 cm deep, 60 cm wide (50 / 28 / 24)
  • Strength of walls: about 55 mm (sidewalls), about 11 cm (upper and lower element)
  • With furniture connections fast and easy to assemble
  • Seat height 33 cm
  • Outer panels covered with natural cotton fabric
  • Double layers with steel wool and polyester fleece or dark raw wool
  • Foldable breast and pelvic shields
  • Optionally available in other sizes
  • Additional options:
    Inner coating with quartz-wax mixture (and additional steel wool inside the wax)
    More double layers (for more effective charge)
    Variable seat hight
    Shooter seat
    Shooter 30 x 30 x 30 cm or 29 x 35 x 55 cm